Progression Days

Corvatsch Park Progression Days

It’s all about passion & progression!

Whilst the onset of spring inevitably melts away other snowparks, the Corvatsch Park remains home to fervent activity. Thanks to its high altitude and north-easterly aspect, a park setup to make every freestyler's pulse quicken will remain intact until the end of April. The park's shapers will do their utmost to ensure that pros, rookies and weekend warriors alike will be presented with the best possible training terrain during the Progression Days.

Progression Days – What are they about?

It doesn't matter whether you're a pro or a rookie – it's all about having fun when shredding with friends and like-minded boarders. The Corvatsch Park subscribes to this fundamental idea by ensuring that an appropriate line for every skill level is freshly shaped every day. With a love for what they do and naturally hard graft, the 7-person shaper crew constructs the multi-difficulty park setup to give every rider the best possible training terrain. If you can wedge loads of passion and motivation into your board bag along with your board, then you'll be able to up your repertoire of tricks significantly and quickly in the Corvatsch Park.


Corvatsch Park opening hours
Daily from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.


The Corvatsch Park is open to everyone without restriction. All you will need is a valid ski pass. A new pricing model for ski passes in the Upper Engadin – the Snow-Deal – has been in force since last winter.


Anyone who thinks that ticket prices at valley stations are set in stone is mistaken.
Ticket prices are determined dynamically by three factors which, all taken together, will determine the final price:

1. The date
A starting price ist set for each day, depending on the season.

2. The demand
The more people book on a particular day, the more the price increase.

3. The time of purchase
The earlier you book, the higher is your discount.

In short, this means that just like booking an airline ticket, you will be able to save money if you A) book early and B) book at a time when demand is low. Further information about this dynamic pricing model can be found at

Book now at


Sleep + Ski

Ski pass CHF 45 per day!

Around 100 hotels in Engadin St. Moritz are offering their guests an irresistibly attractive offer: Stay in any participating hotel and you can purchase a Hotel Ski Pass for CHF 45. This special offer is available throughout the winter season 2019/20 per person/day for the duration of your stay at a participating hotel.

Valid from 19.10.2019 to 3.5.2020

Engadin St. Moritz 7500  St. Moritz
+41 81 830 00 01

Food and beverages

Murtèl middle station
The large self-service restaurant next to the Murtèl middle station is situated right next to the park's entrance. It offers wood-fired pizzas and fast-food favourites. In the bistro next door, snow sports enthusiasts can fortify themselves with a coffee and sweet snacks; delicious panini creations are offered for lunch and the sun terrace is simply perfect for relaxing.

Hossa Bar
After a successful day in the park, the Hossa Bar is the après-ski hangout of choice for all riders. Simply kick back in a comfortable sun-lounger, savour a hot dog and enjoy the warming spring sunshine whilst listening to cool beats until the last rays disappear over the horizon.

Corvatsch Park

A park for everyone

Corvatsch Park is situated in the heart of the Corvatsch ski region and is one of the largest snowparks in the Alps. The park extends along the entire length of the Mandra 4-person chairlift, which also allows you to do limitless park laps.

Free freestyle coaching with FRESK

A free freestyle ski and snowboard course for beginners skiers & boarders

Have you already tried 'freestyling' and now wish to further improve your skills in the park? Or are you a park newbie who simply wants to have their first taste of what freestyling is all about? On Saturday, the 25th April a team of inspirational and experienced coaches from the FRESK Freestyle School will be on hand to offer you invaluable tips and tricks. This is your opportunity to participate in free freestyle coaching session and experience why it's become all the rage!

Facts & Figures

Dates: Saturday, April 25
Venue: Corvatsch Park, at the Cabana (log cabin in the park)
Time: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. & 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Cost: Participation in the freestyle coaching sessions is free
Prerequisites: Advanced skills in skiing or snowboarding, with or without freestyle experience
Registration: Not necessary


FRESK Herr  Paolo La Fata
+41 79 623 77 42

Public Photo Shooting



Professional action shots for all freestyle snowboarders and freeskiers

Shred the Corvatsch Park and get some great photos of yourself in action! The photographers will take action shots of all riders. The public photo shoot in the Corvatsch Park is free to everyone and no advance booking is needed.

Get your photo as a free download and post it on Facebook or Instagram with tags @corvatsch_park and #corvatschpark. To display the photo at home, why not order a high-quality print from

Corvatsch Park

The public photo shoot will take place in the Corvatsch Park. The entrance to the park is right next to the Murtèl middle station in the heart of the Corvatsch skiing area. The setup includes a range of kicker and rail lines of all degrees of difficulty, as well as the exciting "Fun Ride". The public photo shoot is a service provided by Corvatsch AG in partnership with: Actionfotos.

If the weather is bad, the photo shoot will be postponed or cancelled. The decision will be made on the Wednesday before each shoot as to whether it is going to go ahead, be postponed to the following day or cancelled altogether.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

9.00–12.00am and 1.00–4.00pm

How does it work?
The action photographers will be out and about all over the Corvatsch Park, taking photos of all riders. You will find the photographers wherever you see an Actionfotos beach flag. If you'd like to have a special photo taken, just call by and ask one of the photographers. After the public photo shoot, the pictures will be available to download free of charge from

Where will the photographers be?
The Actionfotos photographers will cover the whole of the Corvatsch Park (Easy & Medium Line, World Cup Line, Flow Line and Fun Ride). You'll find the photographers wherever they put up an Actionfotos beach flag in the snow.

Do i need to sign up for the photo shoots?
There's no need to sign up for the free public photo shoot. We'll be taking pictures of all snowboarders and freeskiers.

Get your Picture

Find your photo on and download it free of charge or order a high-quality print. Post your pictures on Facebook and Instagram using tags @corvatsch_park and #corvatschpark.

Like the Corvatsch Park and Actionfotos on Facebook and be one of the first to find out when the photos have been posted online and when the next public photo shoot in the Corvatsch Park will be happening.

Corvatsch Park Partner

Nicolas Huber – Park Ambassador

Nicolas is a pro snowboarder and criss-crosses the world going from contest to contest. Although his commitment diary is practically bursting at the seams, this likeable native of Zurich can repeatedly be found at Corvatsch because, since having worked here for a season as a park shaper, he has adopted the Engadin as his home and the Corvatsch Park as his playground of choice. If there is anyone who knows the park backwards, it has to be Nicolas. Read what he has to say about it!

Hi Nicolas, as a former shaper and now the Corvatsch Ambassador, how would you describe the Corvatsch?
Situated in Switzerland's most picturesque valley, the Corvatsch is my favourite playground. I really feel at home on this mountain and in this valley. The combination of a top-notch park and brilliant freeride terrain make the Corvatsch an insider's recommendation.

Could you describe the park in three sentences?
The park has three lines and a fun slope and offers maximum boarding enjoyment for both pros and advanced as well as absolute beginners. Every winter, the shapers put all their heart and soul into constructing the park. And its shows, because the park's multi-difficulty setup is not only reshaped to perfection every day, but also enlarged continuously. There are absolutely no limits to creativity in this park!

What's your favourite line, and why?
I love the Pro Line. It's where I can collect air miles and the kickers are so brilliant that new tricks can be honed to the bone with minimal risk. But even the Flowline is a whole heap of fun!

This spring, "Corvatsch Park Progression Days" will be held for the first time. What's the idea behind the days?
The underlying idea is to unite snowboarders and freeskiers from everywhere and then go riding together. Because if there's one thing we all share, it's the tremendous enjoyment and thrill of what we do. I'm really looking forward to going shredding with my mates, pushing each other and meeting other new enthusiasts – simply celebrating the spirit of snowboarding. Improvement then comes automatically.

Spirit – thanks for the keyword. The catchphrase is "It's all about passion & progression". But doesn't that contradict the spirit of snowboarding?
Snowboarding's development into a "go higher, go further and go faster industry" where external conditions critically determine performance, be it as a professional athlete or rookie, all took place some time ago.
Whether you're a pro or a gifted junior, what we all need is a park that still remains 'in shape' after the contest season ends and that's precisely what Corvatsch offers – perfect training conditions. It doesn't matter if I'm training at full bore or simply fooling around with my mates, I'm always having fun on my board. If the passion is there, it will inevitably lead to progression! It allows snowboarding to develop further and in no way contradicts its spirit of having a good time together.

What else would you like to tell the people out there?
Work hard and with discipline to achieve your goals, because without putting in any effort, you'll get zilch out of life. No matter what you do, it's important to never lose that element of having fun. And fun is guaranteed on the Progression Days. Come to the Corvatsch with all your sporting friends and mates and let's put on an unforgettable end-of-season shred together. I'm really looking forward to it. Cu soon!

Facts & figures

Name: Nicolas Huber
Age: 24 years
Job: Pro snowboarder
Disciplines: Slopestyle and Big Air
Snowboarder since: 12 years of age
Greatest success: 2018 marriage, 2017 Silver Slopestyle World Championships
Corvatsch AG, Schweizer Sporthilfe, Smith, Northwave, Level, Doodah, Funky Snowboards

4th Spring Festival – Corvatsch raps!

On Saturday 25 April 2020, our popular Spring Festival of concerts at the Murtèl middle station will be taking place for the fourth time. Last year it was Royal Republic and Andrea Bignasca who delighted their audiences – next year the Swiss acts Stress and ZID will be taking to the stage at Corvatsch. 


This artist who sings in Zurich dialect is, in fact, a city-lover, but he's venturing into the mountains for the fourth Spring Festival. "All I know is, I want more", sings ZID on his latest track. "Meh" ("More") is the second single from ZID that redefines his style as "urban dance pop with genuine dialect lyrics". ZID, who writes and produces all his songs himself, is also known as a support act for Bligg. If you'd like to hear "meh" performed by ZID, you'll have the chance to do so on Saturday, 25 April at the Corvatsch Spring Festival. 


Stress, one of the best live acts in Switzerland, will also be coming to the Murtèl middle station. The songs in the rapper's new show are bassy and full of energy as we have come to expect, but that's not all: Stress also shows us his vulnerable side. His latest hits, "Terre brûlée" ("Scorched earth") and "A chaud & a froid" ("Hot and cold") are unashamedly songs about decisive events in his life. Stress’s show will be a roller-coaster ride from new-found joie de vivre to descents into the spiritual abyss – and as always he'll wear himself out for his audience to the point of collapse.Bring your friends and family to enjoy the last skiing days of the season on Corvatsch. Come and experience an unforgettable concert in the spring sunshine at the Murtèl middle station. Admission to the Spring Festival is included in your ski pass. Pedestrians pay CHF 45.00 for the cable-car ride and admission to the concert.

Facts & Figures

Date: Saturday, 25 April 2020
Location: openair-stage at the middle station Murtèl
Time: from 12.00am


Corvatsch 3303
Corvatsch Park