Orma Whisky

ORMA Whisky at the top station

The Corvatsch 3303 top station is famous for its fantastic 360° panorama. The view of the Biancograt ridge and the other mountain ranges near and far is fabulous. The highest restaurant in Graubünden, Restaurant 3303, is just as amazing as the view and it serves fabulous food.

But did you know that, for ten years now, whisky barrels full of "ORMA Corvatsch Edition" whisky have been stored in a rocky cellar at the Corvatsch top station? And that the world's highest whisky distillery is built up there? It produce an exclusive single malt whisky called ORMA. 

Opening the ORMA Whisky distillery at the Corvatsch top station is not just a marketing stunt. The altitude, at 3303 m above sea level, has a fascinating effect on the way the whisky is distilled. The distillation process begins at a temperature about ten degrees lower at this altitude than at sea level. That enhances the flavour of the ORMA whisky and gives it greater complexity.

The tours must be booked in advance.


ORMA 3303 AG Via dal Corvatsch 73 7513  Silvaplana

The visionaries

Whisky-lovers Pascal Mittner and Rinaldo Willy have a vision: to make Switzerland a famous whisky-producing country. In 2010, the pair started to make their own whisky, called ORMA, in a rented distillery. "Orma" is the Romansh word for "soul". "We chose that name because we are putting our life and soul into this vision," says Willy. The two men experimented for about ten years with recipes, different kinds of yeast and different storage locations. And most successfully! Their first bottlings have been very well received, and this has encouraged them to take the next step and build their own ORMA distillery at the Corvatsch top station. 

Founders Club

For 1000 francs, you can become a member of the Founders Club. Members will have the chance to be there when the stills are put into service for the first time. Obviously, you enjoy whisky, and as a member you'll be invited to some exclusive special events. You can find more information about it here.

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