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Plitsch & Platsch

Fairytale booklet about the Water Trail 

The "Plitsch and Platsch" booklet is full of fun and games for children, and tells an exciting story about the walk. In the company of the goblin "Furbaz" and mountain fairy "Mara", the 2½-hour walk will go by in a flash and the children will also learn some interesting facts about the six lakes on the Water Trail. The booklet is available free of charge at the valley stations of the cable cars Corvatsch and Furtschellas.

Furtschellas barbecue sites

Have a barbie at over 2300 m.

Barbecue with a view of the lakes of the Upper Engadin: only on Corvatsch. Along the route of the Water Trail there are two tempting barbecue sites. One overlooks the lakes of the Upper Engadin valley while the other is just beside the Lejin Rhodonit alpine lake. The barbecue sites are equipped with tables, benches, a metal grill and firewood. Bratwurst and cervelat sausages can be bought at the La Chüdera restaurant.


Playground delights at over 2300 metres 

When it comes to letting off steam, budding summiteers will have more to choose from than merely hiking trails: two playgrounds – one at Furtschellas (middle station) with a slide, swing and seesaw and the another at Murtèl middle station with a slide, swing and sandpit – might very well prove irresistible. And while the youngsters are romping around, their parents will be able to enjoy coffee and delicious cakes on the terrace. 

Corvatsch Diavolezza Lagalb
Corvatsch Park