Morning 19.08.2019
Min 4°C Max 7°C
Afternoon 19.08.2019
Min 4°C Max 7°C
Monday morning sunny spells. In the afternoon lots of clouds, from time to time some sun but also some showers. Minimum temperature 10 deg, Maximum temperature 18 degrees.


Morning 20.08.2019
Min 3°C Max 6°C
Afternoon 20.08.2019
Min 3°C Max 6°C
Tuesday morning dull and wet. In the afternoon dull with a lot of rain. Early in the morning 9 deg, Maximum temperature 17 degrees.

Engadin forecast

Wednesday 21.08.2019
Min 4°C Max 7°C
Thursday 22.08.2019
Min 3°C Max 6°C
On Wednesday besides sunshine also some clouds. On Thursday sunny with possible showers. Daytime temperatures 17 deg C.

Engadin forecast for this week

Friday 23.08.2019
Min 1°C Max 6°C
Saturday 24.08.2019
Min 2°C Max 6°C
From Friday till Sunday only few cloud fields. Daytime temperatures 18 deg C.
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